Bloggers Quilt Festival Fall 2013

by serenapotter

A few days before Sophia was to start Kindergarten we met with her teacher, Mrs. Brickey for the first time. This was last year, because Sophia, my oldest, is now six and a first grader.


Mrs. Brickey mentioned that in the beginning Kindergarten students were allowed to bring something from home to use during nap time to help them feel not so lonely.


After our meeting, Sophia, in the car on the way home, asked to take “silky blankie” a super king sized white comforter edged in ribbon that originally had been on mine and my husband Michael’s bed that she had commandeered as a toddler.


Of course I could not say yes, it is huge.


After some fierce negotiating, during which one option was cutting silky blankie up a little,


I agreed that I would make Sophia a small quilt in any fashion she desired

with less than 24 hours to go. 


She used her stash, bits of fabrics she’s collected since she was very small fabric shopping with me, mama and even Michael, a few pieces were recent additions given to us at the local fabric store in Pound, VA.


I used no personal artistic license on the fabrics but picked a pattern I knew I could get through in 24 hours.

I hand pieced, hand quilted and hand bound this for Sophia.


The ribbon was from Gandi’s stash, bits and pieces my mama lets her play with when she visits.

By the time I got to binding my fingers were so bruised from rushing through the quilt that it hurt to blind hem stitch the edge.

When I finished I noticed most of the binding stitches were showing on the front, but I couldn’t bring myself to cut it out.

I appliquéd a heart, used older tracings of our hands (because we often put our hands together to show love) and spelled her name.

I finished minutes before we were to get her in the car to drive her to school.

When we picked her up later that day I asked if she’d used her quilt….NO! she screamed at me.

“No one else had a blankie at all! You did it all wrong” and she burst into tears.


I have this now folded and stored in a trunk at the foot of our bed, a precious memory of the first day of school for my oldest.

Thank You Everyone who visits and comments. I love and appreciate the festival, and the many bloggers who take the time to make it so spectacular! To Get Back to Festival Headquarters…..