Seams Scissors and Spoons

Month: December, 2013

Tatum’s Banner Quilt


A few months ago my friend Amanda sent me multiple pinned images of a Banner Quilt she had found online and loved.

Hunting these down so I can bestow proper credit.

Deep in the creation and decoration of a nursery for her yet to be born daughter, Tatum, she had decided the wanted a hand made quilt.

We went back and forth about what exactly she wanted and whether or not this was chiefly for decor or use, and I began work as soon as Denyse Schmidt’s Shelburne Falls line of Fat Quarters arrived via mail order.

I fought hard to not use “White”, because originally Amanda was set on it as the background fabric, and I hate white in quilts. I chose Kona Cotton Snow instead.

Tatum's Quilt Detail

This was my first experience with Heat N Bond Ultra Hold, and it was a bit of a learning experience for me, in trying to set up an assembly line of sorts during the cutting and fusing process, not burn myself, the fabrics, or just make a big ol mess.

Tatum's Baby Quilt

I marked this using pencil and an antique quilt motif to resemble wind, or dandelion seeds blowing and swirling. The nursery has been stenciled in large dandelions with seeds scattered throughout the room.

I handquilted this with DMC Ecru colored Perle Cotton 8 using Mountain Mist 100% cotton Cream Rose Batting, and as always she is entirely hand bound as well.

Finished unwashed at 41.5w x 48 h.

Tatum's Quilt

Baby Tatum is due December 31st.



Seven Years

 Seven years ago my mother paid over 1,500 dollars to dress me as a lady on my wedding day.

“Ladies wear Cassini,” she told me,

and she bought me a grand dress,

and the most grand tiara to go along with it.

I was pregnant and she reminded me it would be improper for me to decide upon a white dress.


This dress chose me.

There are only two others like it in the world

a test dress

that never became anything more.

Wrapped in its protective sealant, preserved, for the last seven years, it had begun to yellow

upon liberation

those stains have vanished in a day.


habit and home


Today I had the splendid realization that our Tree is slowly becoming a homemade thing of history

year by year,

bit by bit.

Sophia has been making ornaments in her weekly pottery class and as of this moment, those and the star, are all that decorate it.

December holds so much celebration for us as a family.

Christmas, Our Wedding Anniversary, Four Birthdays,

rounded off by the New Year.

Two Quilts await binding by my hands before 2014.