Seams Scissors and Spoons

Month: March, 2014

The Ladies

I saw my ladies today.

The youngest in her late 60s the oldest in her mid 90s.

Still hand quilting around the frame in the Wise Public Library on Monday afternoons.

They are my grafted roots to this place.

They remind me to keep going.

They remain my best and truest friends.

They make me laugh


reduce me to only the necessary.

It’s been six months since I have seen them

but you’d never know.

They taught me in a little less than a year

why I make

and why the marketing, wordy bits don’t matter,

but why sharing ourselves



You don’t know quilting

until you’ve watched a woman who

has been at it

for 90 years

stitch beside you.


15 days…

It took me 15 days to hand piece, hand quilt, and hand bind my latest quilt.

It finished to the size of a large crib/small lap size.

It’s my 20th to date.

I know because I made a list at the start of February.  I was growing exhausted by the number of people who would ask….

How many quilts have you made ?


Do you really get anything done working all by hand ?

It surprised me too

when I listed in progress tops, blocks, and cut quilts.

I’m close to finished on two more…

they lack a few days of stitching and binding

that’s all.

I’d love to have 30 completed by my 30th birthday this year.


I am an Artist because of you two…..


a question was posed to me about my children,

about being a mother in particular,

about the feelings it created inside me,

and the life I’m living daily because of it.

I was 21 when I became pregnant with Sophia,

and I was already college educated,

and well traveled,

but being a mother made me an artist,

more than it made me a mother.

I always took photographs and wrote,

in down time I practiced I suppose the term needle-arts,

because I did a large hunk of embroidery in my late teens,

and I have always thought other forms of expression were as integral to my life as basic speech,

but my children crafted me into a woman who turned entirely inward.

I discovered life as a beginner through them.

I adventured.

I began to think remote controls looked alien enough to doodle,

and stories about stuffed animals were intriguing,

I found the physical form of bodies as something spiritual and limitless,

and their constant sense of play and reconfiguration has granted me a freedom with textiles I never thought possible.

They granted me a freedom I’d have never found without them.

Sophia first

with all her strength and stubborn joy and boundless laughter

and then Nicholas,

who is tender,


and so unbelievable in love with the land and nature.

I would never wish to be the woman from before.

My kids have made a mess of me,

and I have loved and cherished every single minute.

I thank them everyday for giving me my Artist,

and the permission to let her make messes, mistakes, and love everywhere…

.even in the tiny things like conversations of lives not lived.

They forgive me my humanity,

and remind me that

I’m better when I am willing to do the same

for both myself

and others.

The Ugly Duckling

Sophia Wren is 6 now, and in first grade.

Every year, local elementary schools celebrate March being National Reading Month,

by allowing the children a day to dress as a storybook character.


Last year, being a Kindergarten parent, I had no notion of who dressed their children, or how characters were interpreted from fiction to reality.

At 5, Little Sophia Wren, wavered on her character, before deciding on Cookie, the Cat, from Cookie’s Week by Cindy Ward.

We were incredibly broke last year, but I still wanted to honor school spirit



so I threw together a pair of her black leggings,

a 50 cent black turtleneck from Walmart,

and used Black Kona Cotton, thread, and a little bit of old worn pink solid with scrap batting

to construct a knotted tail and ears with a headband.

She really wanted her face dolled up, so I used my black eyeliner to draw her a cat face and



I discovered that afternoon when I picked her up, that this day mostly meant a way to wear a Halloween costume to school


got a lot of love for our little homemade,

yet folksy creation.

Then we moved, and it turns out this new school does it too.

Today was that day,

and yesterday, a snow day, I asked Sophia what or who she wanted to dress as from a storybook.


She was torn between The Ugly Duckling, or The Ugly Duckling after Personal Transformation.

She decided on the after…..

white feathers and all.


I threw together a few things from her closet,

and then hit Walmart

and then hung out with the fabric glue for awhile.

I used some muslin and little bits of thread and really fell in love with

Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor by Maybelline

Electric Orange


So in the end, I glued two sacks of white feathers using two glue pens to her turtle neck and a muslin construct of a tail

that I tacked to her leggings with thread.

She wore orange leggings and house shoes

and spare feathers were randomly stuck into her pony tail.

Her face makeup was more her desire than a necessity,

but her face was lovingly powered

and using mascara I coated her eyebrows

and then used lipstick to draw on her beak.


The Swan!

She left in love, we will see what happens at pick up this afternoon.