Seams Scissors and Spoons

Month: April, 2014

blogger vs wordpress

I’ve decided to switch back to a blogger account

I’ve been pretty displeased with a few new additions to the wordpress experience since I last blogged.

Particularly the addition of advertisements into my posts from time to time.

I don’t believe blogger does this but I’m still impressed with the changes blogger has undergone since I last used the software.

I’ll leave this up a few days and then shove on.




I love growing.

I love learning new things.

I hold onto the past only if it can inspire me to keep growing.


I made it to Quilt Group for an hour last week,

Nicholas in tow, 554

he played under the frame.

Ms. Ruth taught me a new stitch

and one of her methods for tacking quilts.

I cannot find the stitch, or this method, anywhere online

or in the books I have been scouring. 559


I signed up for two online courses,

Nubian Art,


one regarding

The Bible. 569

This is not a cross stitch,

Ms. Ruth learned this over 40 years ago,

and it was then termed

The New Tack Stitch.

Does it have a proper name ?

I’m debating moving back to a site with my proper name.

I’m exhausted with themeing myself.